Year-long community-based training and coaching for worship leaders

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Vertical Worship Cohort

Our goal is to train and coach through small group investment and interaction, providing a transformational experience where worship leaders learn to love and lead their churches with a vertical focus.


The Vertical Worship Cohort will provide four, 2-day, in-person workshops with coaching and training from the Vertical and Harvest team while giving attention at the individual level to each attendee through year-round small group coaching.

Coaching from Vertical Worship, Harvest Bible Chapel Staff & Guests

We have a small army of experienced worship leaders, pastors and musicians that want to pour into you so much of what they have learned over years of ministry. It’ll be like drinking from a firehose.

Receive Training

Sharpen your gift and focus in areas you need to grow in with year-long small group coaching and training from established and seasoned worship pastors and artists.

Receive Feedback

We say, “feedback is the breakfast of champions”. Getting an honest evaluation of what you do combined with strategic shepherding for growth is critical to your personal ministry development.

Songwriting Intensive

One of our cohort sessions is a songwriting retreat hosted at our Cathedral Campus in downtown Chicago. Sit under some of the best songwriters in our Vertical Worship community. Learn the craft of worship songwriting and leave with new songs of your own.

Articulate Clear Vision for Worship Ministry

Invest in what the Lord has entrusted to you and take it to the next level. Hone in on your calling and gain fresh insight on why you do what you do.

Limited Capacity Groups

We intentionally limit the cohort to 50 participants to keep a family-vibe and lean into the strength of the year-round personal mentoring component.

Be Part of A Growing Family

The cohort is designed to multiply. Some of our alumni return as coaches.

Our heart is to generously share what we have learned and see it multiplied throughout the kingdom.

2022 Coaches Will Include:

Worship Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel and Vertical Worship


Vertical Worship, Worship Leader - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter

Lauren Smith

Vertical Worship, Worship Leader - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter

Vanessa Dalrymple

Music Director of Vertical Worship, Worship Pastor - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter


Vertical Worship, Songwriter

Jake France

Worship Leader - Harvest Bible Chapel

Tara Cruz

Vertical Worship, Worship Pastor - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter

Tim Dalrymple

Campus Worship Pastor - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter

Travis Doucette

Campus Worship Pastor - Harvest Bible Chapel, Songwriter

Tom Madison

Campus Worship Leader - Harvest Bible Chapel

Eli Moore

Campus Worship Leader - Harvest Bible Chapel

Flav Herlo


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2022 Dates

Intensive includes: Developing a Philosophy of Worship / Anonymity in Leadership / Making Home the Prize / Surviving and Serving in a Post-Covid World / Assessment of the Soul

Intensive includes: Songwriting: The Why, How and Now / Theory and Practical Training from Experts / Small Group Co-writing Sessions with Coaching from Vertical Worship and Harvest Bible Chapel Staff / Song Evaluation / Creating and Maintaining a Songwriting Culture at your Church

Intensive includes: Worship Leader and Senior Pastor Relationship / Service Planning / The Valuable Role of a Music Director / Establishing Effective Auditions and Rehearsals / Building a Production Ministry / Biblical Counseling Tools for Creatives / Worship Fathers and Mothers

Intensive includes: Rebuilding and Maintaining Healthy Worship Culture / Longevity and Legacy in Ministry / Implementing a Personalized Worship Philosophy / Volunteer Care Essentials / Loving the People More Than the Music


The cost of attending the Vertical Worship Cohort is $2500 per Worship Leader (cost does not include travel or lodging). As part of your fee, you will receive exclusive training materials, personalized small group year-round coaching from a member of Vertical Worship or the Harvest Bible Chapel team, more than 20 workshops, labs and training sessions as well as live coaching from some of the leading voices in the worship community. In addition, on-site lunches and a group dinner Thursday nights will also be provided.

COST OF THE ENTIRE Vertical Worship CohorT

$ 2500
  • Exclusive training materials
  • Year-long small group coaching from Vertical and the Harvest team
  • More than 20 workshops, labs and training sessions
  • Coaching from some of the leading voices in the worship community
  • On-site lunches and group dinners on Thursday’s

    *Cost does Not include travel or lodging*


In order to be eligible for the Vertical Worship Cohort, the worship leader must: